Enzyme kinetics. Kinetic analysis and evaluation of enzyme performance are facilitated at the BioProcess Engineering research centre through advanced analytical methods. Photo: Thorkild Christensen

Bioprocess Enzyme Technology

The purpose of the Bioprocess Enzyme Technololgy research in Bioeng is to provide the knowledge base for development of innovative methods and/or processes for ingenious, industrial production of food ingredients, bioactive compounds, biofuels/biofuel chemicals, and platform compounds by:

  • Providing new technological solutions for upgrading of plant cell materials to bioactive and other value-added compounds

  • Providing knowledge on the reaction kinetics, biocatalytic productivity, and robustness of enzymes during industrial action and on complex substrates

  • Developing new enzyme assisted processes for agricultural, food, and biorefinery applications.


Anne S. Meyer
DTU Kemiteknik
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