BIOENG. Foto: Thorkild Christensen

Biorefinery and Sustainability

The purpose of the Bioeng research within the area of sustainability assessment is to develop and evaluate strategies for future sustainable development and specifically how the biorefinery concept may contribute to this. The biorefinery concept is a vital element for the production of energy, fuels, chemicals and materials. Assessment of sustainability is context specific and closely related to production of biomass, consumption of energy and water, emission of substances into the biosphere, utilization of land and competition with production of food. The work

  • provides sustainability assessment of specific case studies, e.g. potentials of biofuels for future energy supply with respect to use of renewable or non-renewable resources

  • contributes to methodological improvements of sustainability assessment especially with respect to emergy accounting, e.g.

  • allocation procedures and how to assess the use of resources from society in different socio-economic contexts

  • contributes to planning for sustainable development of food and (bio)energy production in different socio-economic contexts


Hanne Østergård
DTU Kemiteknik
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