Rolf H. Ringborg and Mafalda Costa Artur Dias working on an experimental setup for the automated kinetic characterization of enzymes. Photo by Thorkild Christensen.

Welcome to DTU Chemical Engineering

DTU Chemical Engineering main activities lie within the areas of product design, process design and production in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food technological & energy technology industries

Polymers and particles. Synthesis of polymers (flask) and surface modification of particles (small vials) can be used to control agglomeration of particles (petri dish). Photo: Thorkild Christensen

Our research

DTU Chemical Engineering has a solid basis in technological core subjects and engineering scientific disciplines. The department's six research centers expand and build on this strong basis with specialised research activities

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CHEC. Foto: Thorkild Christensen

About us

At DTU Chemical Engineering we are about 270 employees from 37 countries. Of those, approx. 100 are permanent scientific staff, 100 PhD students and 70 administrative and technical staff

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Enzyme discovery. New enzymes are discovered through a combination of in silico bioinformatics and expression of novel enzymes in relevant microorganisms in the laboratory of the BioProcess Engineering research centre. Photo: Thorkild Christensen

Our education

Our programmes are offered at BEng, BSc and MSc level and cover many areas within chemical and biochemical engineering. If you would like to start a PhD with us, we also offer many interesting PhD programmes, most of the in collaboration with industry. And for the industry, we offer a variety of continuing education courses.

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