Process development for biooxidations

The objective of this workshop is to elaborate on biocatalytic process development. In many cases it is useful to assess biocatalytic reactions at a very early stage of development, before a process has been defined. Such assessment guides protein engineering improvements of the enzymes but also enables a quick evaluation of process feasibility. This workshop will describe, and allow hands-on practice at using, so called process metrics determined from laboratory scale experiments. The outcome will be an enzyme and process development plan for a given biocatalytic reaction from which a business case can be developed.

The workshop will involve industrial as well as academic input and participation with plenty of time for discussion and comparison of new technologies and methods.


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Wed 18 Apr 18 -
Fri 20 Apr 18


DTU Kemiteknik


DTU Chemical Engineering
Søltofts Plads 229
2800 Kgs. Lyngby