16 FEB

Technological 'hot or not' in 2017

Five female researchers gaze into the crystal ball and give their views on which technologies they believed will ‘predominate’ and which will fade into obscurity in the...

Biotechnology and biochemistry Environment and pollution Information technology Physics
27 JAN

Bradley D. Olsen gives lecture on polymer networks

Don't miss out as Associate Professor Bradley D. Olsen from the Department of Chemical Engineering at MIT gives this year's first Departmental Seminar at DTU Chemical...

Materials Polymers
27 JAN

New book gives overview of our PhD projects

What if you could get a comprehensive overview of the many PhD projects going on right now at DTU Chemical Engineering? The Graduate Schools Yearbook is an annual publication...

27 JAN

Membrane can help patients with chronic wounds

Age. Obesity. Diabetes. Threats to our health that are both widespread and rising. They are also the most common causes for chronic wounds – not only painful to the patients...

Polymers Materials Medicine and medico technology
18 JAN

What is BIORAPID? Watch and learn

How can a computer get us closer to a cure against cancer? Watch this video and see how a research project called BIORAPID uses mathematical modelling to identify the...

17 JAN

More and better ingredients for demanding consumers

New groups of consumers with strong purchasing power are increasing the demand for sustainable, climate-friendly ingredients that improve the food itself and increase its...

Food, fish and agriculture
Photo: Joachim Rode
27 DEC

Researcher by chance

Anne Ladegaard Skov, Associate Professor at DTU Chemical Engineering , has made a name for herself at a relatively young age as one of the world’s leading researchers...

Chemistry Materials Polymers
25 NOV

Wet winner in Barcelona

Glory, glory: The Watintech project has won the ’Investigation Award” at iWater - the International Integrated Water Cycle Show in Barcelona. 

25 NOV

Students in action

A good handful of students from Odense won this year’s Hempel-DTU Award. And they had a heads filled with experiences at the Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering...

25 NOV


Simply the best: Anne Ladegaard is awarded with the title ‘Best PhD Supervisor of the Year’ at DTU.

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