24 MAR

General Engineering in very high demand

The General Engineering Bachelor programme, taught in English, is for the second year in a row the most sought after study at DTU.

Biotechnology and biochemistry Electrotechnology Energy Physics Chemistry
09 MAR

An excursion with polytechnic students in 1913

In this essay written by Professor Emeritus, John Villadsen, the very origins of chemical engineering in Denmark and thus of our Department as we know it today, are carefully...

Biotechnology and biochemistry Chemistry
03 MAR

Citrus peel to ensure healthy stomachs

CP Kelco is a leading international supplier of gelling agents for foods. Focus has now shifted towards the health benefits of the ingredients.

01 MAR

New research reveals: Liquids can break

Professor Ole Hassager and his research team have shown that liquid substances can break under circumstances of high strain rates at sufficient speed. This discovery...

17 FEB

Good Manufacturing Practice - in practice

At DTU Chemical Engineering we have many years of experience teaching Good Manufacturing Practice or ‘GMP’ to students. This year, we added a continuing education course...

17 FEB

Small revolution may have great consequences for oil recovery

What if we could get more oil from the same reservoirs? The research centre AT CERE has taken up the challenge. The SmartWater project, which was concluded this year...

16 FEB

Technological 'hot or not' in 2017

Five female researchers gaze into the crystal ball and give their views on which technologies they believed will ‘predominate’ and which will fade into obscurity in the...

Biotechnology and biochemistry Environment and pollution Information technology Physics
27 JAN

Bradley D. Olsen gives lecture on polymer networks

Don't miss out as Associate Professor Bradley D. Olsen from the Department of Chemical Engineering at MIT gives this year's first Departmental Seminar at DTU Chemical...

Materials Polymers
27 JAN

New book gives overview of our PhD projects

What if you could get a comprehensive overview of the many PhD projects going on right now at DTU Chemical Engineering? The Graduate Schools Yearbook is an annual publication...

27 JAN

Membrane can help patients with chronic wounds

Age. Obesity. Diabetes. Threats to our health that are both widespread and rising. They are also the most common causes for chronic wounds – not only painful to the patients...

Polymers Materials Medicine and medico technology

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