05 MAR

A new era of bio-based polymers

In a world of scarce resources, bio-based polymers have entered the scene, offering interesting new functionalities.

Polymers Environmental chemistry Innovation and product development
15 FEB

PhD interview: Flexible energy plants run on biomass can ensure future energy

The PhD students at DTU Chemical Engineering are valuable assets. We interviewed Rasmus Østergaard Gadsbøll about his project “Biomass Gasification Polygeneration”.

30 JAN

Learn about our many PhD projects in new book

Get a comprehensive overview of the many PhD projects going on at DTU Chemical Engineering in our annual Graduate School Yearbook.

29 JAN

Our Annual Report 2018 is out now

‘Sustainable solutions for our industry partners’ is this year’s theme. Here you can read about how we as a department strive to find solutions to the global challenges...

Photo: Anne Birgitte Skovholm Hedegaard
28 JAN

Topping-out ceremony for Chemical Engineering’s new building

On 24 January, we celebrated another major milestone with the topping-out ceremony of Building 228A, which will house both educational and research facilities.

19 DEC

Wastewater treatment plants of the future must emit less greenhouse gases

The UN uses simplified emission factors to estimate laughing gas emissions from wastewater treatment plants. Now, DTU researchers will optimize models for better understanding...

Waste water and water discharge Environmental chemistry Climate adaption
10 DEC

PhD interview: Removing hazardous NOx-gasses from marine industry

Steen Riis Christensen is one of the many PhD students who graduate from DTU Chemical Engineering every year. We interviewed him about his project “Selective Catalytic...

31 OCT

PhD thesis of the year led to new start-up

At the annual PhD reception, Fatima AlZahra´a Alatraktchi of DTU Nanotech received the award for PhD thesis of the year.

22 OCT

Increasing biogas yield from manure

A new method makes agricultural manure far more suitable as a raw material for biogas.

Bacteria and microorganisms Organic chemistry Bioenergy Energy production
10 OCT

PhD interview: Optimizing reactor performance in wastewater treatment plants through...

At DTU Chemical Engineering we value our PhD students and their research. We interviewed Hannah Feldman about her project “Optimization of energy recovery in an industrial...

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