KT CONSORTIUM is an industry-academia collaboration where members are provided networking opportunities and state-of-the-art methods and tools for chemical and biochemical engineering.

About us

Our objectives are to develop generic methods and tools using computer aided systems approach to solve and analyze problems related to product-process modelling, simulation, synthesis, design, analysis, control, & operation for companies operating within the areas of chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, agrochemical, food and biochemical industry. We also aim to provide educational versions of our software for universities around the world.

We provide

Through this page we provide anyone with an interest in chemical engineering - and currently in particular Process Systems Engineering (PSE) - with the latest knowledge and tools to manage the complexity of their work through a systems approach. At the present moment we provide:

Computational tools:

Property estimation methods, mathematical models, numerical solvers, process simulators, process-product synthesis/design toolbox, process control toolbox and many more


Methodologies for process-product synthesis, design, analysis and control/operation, simulation strategies, solvent selection/design, pollution prevention, sustainable process-product alternatives and many more.


Industrial case studies, tutorial case studies, technology transfer studies and consulting.

Special benefits for KT CONSORTIUM members

There are many benefits to becoming a member of our KT CONSORTIUM. As member company you will be provided with state-of-the-art CAPE/PSE methods and tools, along with the technologies for future chemical and biological processes. Below is listed some the special benefits for our members:

Free use of software and access to state-of-the-art research:
  • Free use of ICAS software plus associated tools with new updates every year
  • Special workshops on ICAS plus associated methods and tools
  • Topical workshops on topics such as property prediction, solvent design, process intensification, etc.
  • Research results as they are obtained (before publication)
Networking and collaboration opportunities:
  • Annual meetings with other consortium members, invited partners from academia and “meet the faculty” options
  • Web-based communication with member companies as well as the KT CONSORTIUM personnel 
  • Two-way secondment opportunities (visits from KT CONSORTIUM personnel and/or vice versa)
  • Collaboration and partnership opportunities in on-going projects
  • Development of joint international research project proposals

Visit from KAIST 2012

Go to our member site to acces the ICAS software, not yet published publications and to explore our research activities in further detail.

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Thinking about doing a PhD in KT Consortium? Curious about what our PhD students do research about?


Take a look at some videos made by our students.



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Research Co-ordinator
DTU Chemical Engineering
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Kim Dam-Johansen
Professor, Head of Department
DTU Chemical Engineering
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Georgios Kontogeorgis
DTU Chemical Engineering
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DTU Chemical Engineering
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