(Ammonia for enhancing biogas yield & reducing NOx)


AMMONOX focuses on developing a sustainable and economically attractive, ammonia-based process for a) enhancing the productivity of biogas plants based on manure, b) minimizing NOx emissions from gas engines and c) increasing biogas supply to the gas grid.


Compared to the many alternative technologies for pretreatment of manure fibers and lignocellulosic biomass for increased biogas efficiency which have been developed recently or are currently being developed, the technology to be tested by AMMONOX project is the only one that is performed at room or ambient temperature requiring minimum energy and no chemicals or enzymes consumption. Also, it is a technology that takes into consideration the elimination of pollutants emitted during electricity production from biogas engines. Among the many possible technologies, ammonia treatment offers a promising path, and a nice integration given the opportunity to combine with NOx-reduction from gas engines.

The project

AMMONOX concept is based on transfering the solid fraction of manure to centralised biogas plants treating manure and/or the use of lignocellulosic residues, i.e. straws, to be codigested with manure. The key and innovative technology to be developed is the Aqueous Ammonia Soaking (AAS) pretreatment of lignocellulosic fibers for increasing their methane yield and the subsequent removal and recycling of ammonia. AAS that has yielded impressive results in lab-scale will be further optimised in lab-scale and tested in semi-pilot-scale during AMMONOX. Existing technologies for the removal of ammonia from manure and pretreated fibers and use of excess ammonia for the elimination of NOx emissions from gas engines will be tested in semi-pilot scale. Successful implementation of AMMONOX will boost biogas production from lignocellulosic biomasses in general and from manure in particular with positive impacts not only on biogas plants’ economy but also on National energy balance.

The project is in cooperation with Danish Gas Technology Centre, NordicBioenergy ApS, EnviDan A/S, funded by, ForskEL and will be running from 2013-2017.


Ioannis V. Skiadas
Associate Professor
DTU Chemical Engineering
+45 45 25 27 29