Nordic Workshop on Pharmaceutical Crystallization Process Development and Scale-Up

Crystallization is often used as a key final and intermediate separation/purification unit operation in pharmaceutical production where more than 90% of small molecule drugs are produced in crystalline form. Operation conditions and scale determine process metrics such as mean crystal size, yield, space-time yield and crystal quality attributes like crystal size distribution, crystal shape, morphology as well as solvates. The crystal product properties affect the efficiency of downstream unit operations such as filtration, drying and formulation as well as the stability and efficacy of drugs.

As a part of DFF funded ProPharm project, we are organizing the first Nordic workshop on pharmaceutical crystallization process development and scale-up. This is an event for scientists interested in learning and sharing about best practices for pharmaceutical crystallization process development and scale-up. Applications and case-studies will be presented by your international peers from related academia and industries.

The major topics addressed in the workshop will be:

  • Multi-scale crystallization process modeling including scale-up
  • Experimentation for improved process analysis as well as model validation
  • Model-based optimization and control technology
  • Model-based solvent and antisolvent screening tool for early stage process development


Interested participants in presenting contributions of results of ongoing research as well as published results are invited to submit a one page abstract and register here.

See invitation and important deadlines here.


Fri 12 Oct 18
8:00 - 17:00


DTU Kemiteknik


LEO Pharma
Industriparken 32
2750 Ballerup, Copenhagen