Valeria Chiaula receives her prize for "best poster" in London.

The healing – and award winning – effects of advanced wound care

Friday 09 Mar 18
by Frederik Appel Olsen


Valeria Chiaula
Industrial PhD
DTU Chemical Engineering
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Piotr Stanislaw Mazurek
DTU Chemical Engineering
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Anne Ladegaard Skov
DTU Chemical Engineering
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Industrial PhD student Valeria Chiaula is researching advanced wound care – and her work within this has brought her a prestigious award in England.

Industrial PhD student Valeria Chiaula won the best poster prize at the 12th World Congress on Pharmaceutical Sciences and Innovations in Pharma Industry in London February 2018. She presented her work on glycerol containing elastomers with improved moisture handling properties.

The conference was a two-day event providing a multi-channel communication platform where producers and consumers of the pharma industry are brought together. In this respect, it is a platform for researchers and scientists to share insights and results with each other and with industry.

Valeria Chiaula’s PhD is specifically about “Advanced wound care adhesives with excellent moisture handling properties”. Her aim is manufacturing glycerol-silicone elastomers to help the wound healing process in chronic wounds, which are often manifested in elderly and/or diabetic patients. Such wounds can lead to significant disability, amputation and increased mortality if not well-treated.

“Winning this award means that my group and I are doing great research together and that we are able to communicate our message clearly. And at this early stage of my PhD, which I started 6 months ago, it was a huge incitement for me and a motivation to improve my research further and, therefore, do my best to improve patients’ condition through this PhD project,” Valeria says.
Piotr Mazurek comparing the sizes of two samples of the new material he has produced. The sample on the right has absorbed a lot of fluid due to its combination of silicone and glycerol. (Photo: Thorkild Christensen)

Caring about wound care

Valeria Chiaula is not the first researcher at DTU Chemical Engineering to investigate wound care issues.

One of the supervisors of her PhD project is Postdoc Piotr Mazurek. In his PhD, Piotr investigated how to better treat chronic wounds. By mixing silicone with glycerol he developed a completely new material which may solve 7 out of 8 of the issues on a “wish list” for the wound dressings of the future, providing a better and more cost-efficient solution.
Like Valeria Chiaula, Piotr Mazurek sees great potential in furthering the work within wound care technologies. As he said in last year’s annual report: “It seems like the sky’s the limit and I’m excited to see what the future will bring.”

Read more about the World Congress on Pharmaceutical Sciences and Innovations in Pharma Industry here and read about Piotr Mazurek’s research in wound care here.

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