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Sustainable development between East and West

Friday 26 Jul 19
by Lonnie Moldt Jørgensen


Kim Dam-Johansen
Professor, Head of Department
DTU Chemical Engineering
+45 45 25 28 45

Two minds work better than one. For years, the Danish-Chinese cooperation has resulted in joint education and research that benefit the sustainable development for Denmark and China.

Throwback to 1986: The late professor Mooson Kwauk of Institute of Chemical Metallurgy (now Institute of Process Engineering, IPE) Chinese Academy of Sciences, visited DTU Chemical Engineering, and he liked what he saw. After his visit, he sent a Chinese PhD student to the department in 1987, and the cooperation between the two departments started. The rest is history.

Our close cooperation is of great importance, both for students and researchers. We have a lot to learn from each other, and our special Chinese-Danish symbiosis brings valuable knowledge and competent graduates useful for the scientific community as well as the industry,” says Kim Dam-Johansen, Head of Department, DTU Chemical Engineering.

Two continents, one engineering mission

The fruitful cooperation now includes a double MSc degree in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, a joint PhD programme and collaboration with companies operating in both Denmark and China. And in 2017, the first steps were made to establish the Sino-Danish Center for Sustainable Process Engineering – a joint education based research and innovation centre. The aim is to combine the expertise of CAS Institute of Process Engineering and DTU Chemical Engineering to facilitate significant progress in the overall field of Sustainable Process Engineering.

In early July, the two partners came together for the third joint seminar to further consolidate the collaboration and facilitate cooperative projects within sustainable energy, green processes and advanced materials and formulated products.

The many years of cooperation have paved the way for both educational and research based development. The next step is to secure sufficient funding for the long term cooperation aiming at growing shared and ambitious projects within sustainable processes and products to the benefit of both nations,” says Kim Dam-Johansen.

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