Graduate School Yearbook 2019 cover and abstract example

Learn about our many PhD projects in new book

Tuesday 30 Jun 20

Get a comprehensive overview of the many PhD projects going on at DTU Chemical Engineering in our annual Graduate School Yearbook.

The 2019 edition of the Graduate School Yearbook is out now. In the book, PhD students share abstracts of their projects.


As a new initiative, the PhD students have selected the most relevant UN Sustainable Development Goal for their project. This is part of a wider effort at DTU to highlight the importance of technology development to support a sustainable growth in the future. Sustainable growth will require clever solutions - and for that we believe in our young PhD students. They are young and bright and will shape the future development here in Denmark as well as internationally.


Some students have just initiated their work, while others are about to write their thesis. Most of the projects are carried out in close cooperation with our industrial and academic partners, nationally and internationally.



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