Søren Kiil, Gürkan Sin, Manuel Pinelo and Nicolas von Solms

Four new professors at DTU Chemical Engineering

Tuesday 03 Nov 20


Søren Kiil
DTU Chemical Engineering
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Gürkan Sin
DTU Chemical Engineering
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Manuel Pinelo
DTU Chemical Engineering
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Nicolas von Solms
DTU Chemical Engineering
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DTU Chemical Engineering is happy to announce the appointment of four new professors with expertise in different areas of chemical engineering.

With the appointments, DTU Chemical Engineering has chosen to strengthen the Department both education and research-wise. The new professors will contribute to facilitate the further growth of DTU Chemical Engineering and consolidate the Department’s position at the forefront of the best chemical engineering departments.

Søren Kiil: Industrial coatings

Søren Kiil’s research area is Industrial Coatings. This includes fouling control coatings for ships, blade coatings for wind turbines, and intumescent coatings for passive fire protection.

“My ambition is to contribute to the consolidation of coatings as a core area of Chemical Engineering, including formulation work and mathematical modelling. I aim to collaborate with coating producers, raw material suppliers, and end users of coatings, in the pursue of efficient and sustainable coating solutions,” Søren Kiil says.

Gürkan Sin: Process Systems Engineering

Gürkan Sin researches Process Systems Engineering (PSE), an interdisciplinary research area of chemical engineering. Here he researches and develops model-based engineering and intellectual foundation for design, operation and optimization of processes and product systems across their life cycle.

His vision for his academic future is “to expand process systems engineering discipline with emerging artificial intelligence (AI) and digitalization paradigm. In particular, new AI techniques is expanding our modelling capabilities in many ways that were not possible before. This new era is promising deeper understanding and better models of process industries”.

Manuel Pinelo: Membrane technology

Manuel Pinelo’s research has primarily focused on enzyme immobilization and separation/purification on membranes in liquid streams, particularly within the frame of Downstream Processing applications.

“My future research goals are intensification and development of novel, hybrid membrane processes in connection to fermentation and downstream processing, as well as expansion to other unit operations,” Manuel Pinelo says.

Nicolas von Solms: Thermodynamics and CO2

Nicolas von Solms’ research focuses on Chemical Engineering fundamentals, especially applied thermodynamics used in relation to CCUS (Carbon Capture, Transport, Use and Storage).

“The vision is to secure DTU Chemical Engineering a leading role also in connection to CO2 - covering the full CCUS value chain, and considering a variety of CO2 abatement technologies, with an emphasis on fundamental insights as a route to creating meaningful technological advances,” Nicolas von Solms says.

Dates of the inauguration speeches will be announced later.

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