Photo: Thorkild Christensen

Anne Ladegaard Skov elected President of the EuroEAP Society

Monday 19 Jun 17
by Frederik Appel Olsen

Anne Ladegaard Skov from the Danish Polymer Centre is elected as the new President of the trans-European Electromechanically Active Polymers society EuroEAP.

At the General Assembly of the EuroEAP Society in Cartegena, Spain, on June 6th, leader of the Danish Polymer Centre at DTU Chemical Engineering Anne Ladegaard Skov was elected President. She will be holding the presidency for a 4-year period.

The EuroEAP Society is a non-profit association, whose main purpose is to contribute to and promote the scientific and technological advancement of transducers and artificial muscles based on Electromechanically Active Polymers (EAP).

“The coming four years will be extremely interesting from a commercial point of view with electro-active polymers entering more and more novel products as well as there still are multiple fundamental aspects to be covered in order to fulfill the full potential of the technology. A lot of focus will be put on establishing fruitful collaborations between scientists and companies during the coming years,” Anne says about her new role as President of EuroEAP.

Earlier this year, Anne was appointed Doctor Technices at the DTU Commemoration Day for her work on dielectric elastomers, and she has recently received funding from the Danish Council for Independent Research for the project ‘Sustainable Hydrogels for Energy Generation (SUSHY-ENERGY)’.

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