Peter Glarborg Gold medal winner

Prestigious Gold Medal to DTU researcher

Tuesday 25 Aug 20


Peter Glarborg
DTU Chemical Engineering
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Kim Dam-Johansen
Professor, Head of Department
DTU Chemical Engineering
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About the Bernard Lewis Gold Medal

The Bernard Lewis Medal recognizes brilliant research in the field of combustion. This gold medal is bestowed to one scientist during the International Symposium on Combustion every second year.

Peter Glarborg, professor at DTU, has been awarded the Bernard Lewis Gold Medal by the Combustion Institute for his outstanding contribution to the discipline of combustion science in research.

Today, it is obvious that the supply of energy must be sustainable and with a minimum of harmful emissions to the environment. A large fraction of the worldwide energy supply comes from combustion processes. Present research in combustion focuses on reducing the environmental impact by facilitating conversion from fossil fuels to biomass and carbon-free energy carriers, limiting the CO2 footprint, and by improving measures to control emissions of pollutants such as nitrogen oxides.

The fact that professor Peter Glarborg, researcher at Center for Combustion and Harmful Emission Control (CHEC), has been awarded one of the highest international honours within the field of combustion is a recognition not only of his contribution, but that of the entire research centre.

Highlights an important field of research

Head of CHEC, Kim Dam-Johansen sees Peter Glarborg’s recognition as a welcome opportunity to brand this particular area of research:

“It is so well deserved that Peter’s lifelong dedication to this field of research has been awarded one of the highest international recognitions. His work has contributed to getting a much better understanding of formation and control of environmentally harmful emissions by combustion. It is also worth celebrating that a DTU researcher puts Denmark on the world map like this.”

A privilege to work in the cumbustion community

In recent years, Peter Glarborg and his colleagues have worked intensively on challenges in connection with conversion from coal to biomass at the large power plants. Though receiving this kind of recognition is always a pad on the shoulder, he is also quite modest about it:

“I am proud and humbled to receive the gold medal from the Combustion Institute. I share this recognition with all the outstanding scientists I have been collaborating with over the years. It has been a privilege to work in the combustion community, challenging and generous as it is”, says Peter Glarborg, 2020 recipient of the Bernard Lewis Gold Medal.

About Peter Glarborg

Educated mechanical engineer from DTU in 1984, Peter Glarborg initiated his career in combustion also at DTU, wherefrom he obtained his Ph.D. degree in 1987. In 2008, he was appointed professor at DTU Chemical Engineering.

He is the author of 250 publications within combustion and harmful emission control. Since 2006, he has been associate editor of the journal Combustion and Flame, and he was program co-chair for the 36th International Combustion Symposium in Seoul in 2016.

Finally, he has been member of numerous boards, including the Board of Directors of the Combustion Institute 2008-2014.

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