Summer University 2022

Summer University is back

Thursday 14 Jul 22
After two years with Covid-19, Summer University is back at DTU Chemical Engineering. 82 American students are here to learn about unit operations.

It has been two quiet summers at DTU Chemical Engineering due to the pandemic. This summer we are pleased to welcome 82 American college students to our department. Here, they are going through an ambitious and unique program with practical exercises covering a wide range of unit operations at our large and modern pilot-plant facility.

Both the students and their accompanying professors and graders enjoy the stay. They are especially impressed with the many large-scale equipment at the pilot plant. 

"DTU Chemical Engineering has the best facilities in the World. I have been to China, around Europe, to top universities in the US and none of them have the same facilities. This has to be the best in the world. It is well equipped and well-staffed, so it is a huge benefit for our students," says Heath Turner, Professor and Department Head, Chemical and Biochemical Engineering at University of Alabama. He is so fond of the Summer University that he always makes time for it.

The students themselves also appreciate the opportunity.

"One thing is to read about it in a text book. It is so much nicer to do it and see it happen than reading about it in a textbook. This is a huge positive of coming here," says Zach Schauer, chemical engineering student at Clemson University and emphasizes the large number of large-scale processes that are available for the students to try: 

"At Clemson we have some equipment but there are more options here. We have maybe 3 options and here there are 20. So many more opportunities here."

The Summer University runs from 4-28 July. 





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