DTU Energy was part of the General Engineering presentation at DTU Open House, March 2017

General Engineering in very high demand

Friday 24 Mar 17


Luise Theil Kuhn
DTU Energy
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Cross–disciplinary BSc

The General Engineering Bachelor programme is a cross–disciplinary cooperation between 12 departments at DTU, namely DTU Energy, DTU Compute, DTU Wind Energy, DTU Bio Engineering, DTU Chemical Engineering, DTU Mechanical Engineering, DTU Environment, DTU Electrical Engineering, DTU Physics, DTU Aqua, DTU Nanotech and DTU Chemistry

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The General Engineering Bachelor programme, taught in English, is for the second year in a row the most sought after study at DTU.

The deadline for applying for the universities is over and the interest for the General Engineering Bachelor programme (GE) at DTU is overwhelming. General Engineering was established as a highly sought after bachelor programme last year and the popularity continues. This year 284 applied for the programme compared to 215 last year, an increase of 32%.

This makes GE the most sought after study programme at DTU with the DTU diploma programme Software Technology at a second place with 147 applications.

“This overwhelming interest in our Bachelor in General Engineering is fantastic”, says head of the General Engineering Programme, Luise Theil Kuhn from DTU Energy. The GE bachelor programme had room for 50 students last year, but the uptake is increased to 100 students this year.

“Many potential students have noticed the high grade requirements for enrolment in 2016, and they are of course concerned about it but it also means that most of the potential students are already very high-level students. This is very good for the overall quality of the study programme.”

The interest for General Engineering was manifested earlier this month at the Open House at DTU, where many potential students told that they were attracted to the cross-disciplinary approach of General Engineering, which is represented by four specializations within Living Systems, Cyber Systems, Cyber Materials and Future Energy. The first year think-like-an-engineer-approach at the Design-Build courses was also part in making the study programme very popular.

General Engineering wasn’t the only DTU programmme experiencing an increase in applicants. DTU as a whole saw 8% more applicants, which may partly be due to DTU recently been appointed the country's best place to study due to competent teaching, good teaching facilities and good feedback from the teachers.  

Read about the international interest in General Engineering at DTU Open House

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