CAPEC-PROCESS Annual Lecture 2014: Professor Ignacio Grossmann

Wednesday 23 Jul 14
by Lotte Grandorf


Eva Mikkelsen
Research Co-ordinator
DTU Chemical Engineering
+45 45 25 28 02

The lecture will take place at

2:30 PM, Thursday 11 September 2014

Oticon Hall, DTU
Anker Engelunds Vej 1
Bygning 101A
2800 Kgs. Lyngby

Watch the CAPEC-PROCESS Annual Lecture 2014 on The Role of Process Systems Engineering in Chemical Engineering, given by AIChE awarded Professor Ignacio E. Grossmann from Carnegie Mellon University.

The lecture will provide an overview of the nature of Process Systems Engineering, discuss some current major trends and show how this fits in Chemical Engineering and the role it may play in the future.

The lecture specifically deals with three major trends in Process Systems Engineering that have emerged over the last decade and that can potentially help the industry to innovate and to remain competitive. 

First, the lecture provides a description of the efforts for simultaneous product and process design, where the emphasis lies in tying the molecular structure of the products with the processing and macroscopic properties of the product. 

Second, a description of the work that is aimed at modeling and optimizing processes for supplying alternative energy sources such as biomass, as well as managing natural resources such as water more efficiently. 

And, third, a description of the research efforts in enterprise-wide optimization that are aimed at designing and operating supply chains for the process industry in which planning, scheduling and control can be integrated more effectively. We conclude that Process Systems Engineering is broadening its scope in order to address problems that are of current and future interest.

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