Winning team at BIPRO WTC. Photo: Christian Ove Carlsson

International Biotech Talents

Thursday 31 Oct 13


Krist V. Gernaey
DTU Chemical Engineering
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Take 20 of the most talented young biotech people from 14 leading universities around the world – pair them with key biotech industries in Denmark and leading scientists from two Danish universities – and you have BIOPRO World Talent Campus (WTC).

The weeklong talent campus culminated on Friday 25 October when the 20 students in groups of five people presented the results of their workshops. Two days prior to their presentations, the young talents were given a case – a challenge of coming up with solutions to a real-life problem of one of the BIOPRO partner industries.

The young talents – most pursuing a PhD degree – all made powerful presentations that gave rise to many questions and much interest from the audience; not least the representatives from industry. The ‘judges’, DTU Professor Krist Gernaey and KU Associate Professor Frans van den Berg, found it hard to decide which team should win – with such a strong field. Team 4 won with their presentation on a Novozymes challenge. Team 4 are Laura Jeffrey (Strathclyde, Glasgow), Stephen Goldrick (Manchester), Tobias Ladner (Aachen), Aditya M. Kunjapur (MIT) and Hilde Larsson (DTU).

The Best Experience a PhD Student Can Wish for
"It’s been a great week – good bonding with the team members – a lot of learning – industrial experience … the best experience a PhD student can wish for."
PhD student Aydin Golabgir-Anbarani

PhD student Aydin Golabgir-Anbarani of the Vienna University of Technology was very satisfied with the WTC:

“It’s been a great week – good bonding with the team members – a lot of learning – industrial experience, so a really good experience … the best experience a PhD student can wish for.”

“The best part for me was the industrial contacts and visits – though, it is difficult to say what part was the best – but it was the most exciting because although I have been to a factory before – this time we had a chance to get a grasp of what are the challenges they have – talk to them in more detail, go open one of these huge reactors and look inside them, which I have never done before, so it’s huge – and really makes an impression on you, the scale of their task.”

Meet some more of the young talents and hear about their experiences at the World Talent Campus

Academia and Industry Meet up

Jesper Bryde-Jacobsen, Managing Director, BIOPROThe overall mission of the WTC is to establish an international network amongst the biotech elite – bringing together students, universities and biotech companies – under the auspices of the BIOPRO research centre. BIOPRO was inaugurated in February 2013 to establish an international biotech cluster in Region Zealand. The Partners behind BIOPRO are CP Kelco, DONG Energy, Novo Nordisk and Novozymes as well as the Technical University of Denmark and the University of Copenhagen. The WTC was financially supported by the Novo Nordisk Foundation.


Managing Director of BIOPRO, Jesper Bryde-Jacobsen, is happy with the outcome of the talent campus:

“I believe it’s fair to say that the first WTC has been successful. We’ve been impressed by the energy and skills that the participants have invested in the very intensive programme”.


BIOPRO is managed by CAT Science Park, and Region Zealand is the biggest sponsor.

For further information, please contact:
Managing Director Jesper Bryde-Jacobsen, BIOPRO, tel.: +45 3075 2439,,
Krist Gernaey, Professor, DTU, tel.: + 45 2049 9369,

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