Svend Brinkmann and Lene Lange on 'Brinkmann'

Lene Lange talks climate and technology with Svend Brinkmann

Wednesday 10 May 17
by Frederik Appel Olsen


Lene Lange
Guest Professor
DTU Bioengineering

Director of research Lene Lange from DTU Chemical Engineering’s BIOENG research center was invited to professor of psychology Svend Brinkmann’s radio show to talk about using biotechnology to solve climate problems. 

“We have to do something about climate change and pollution. In a few decades, we will be 9-10 billion people. With the amount of soil that we cultivate we cannot produce enough food if we do not utilize our harvest better.”

Such were the words of professor Lene Lange, director of research at the BIOENG center at DTU Chemical Engineering, when she guested professor of psychology and writer Svend Brinkmann’s radio show ‘Brinkmann’ on P1 on April 26. The theme of the show was climate change and all the trouble that it causes us now and is going to cause us in the foreseeable future. And most importantly: What can we do about it?

Technology plays an enormously important role on this issue – as a historical cause of climate change and pollution as well as the solutions of the future. Biotechnological innovation is key, according to Lene Lange, who has, among other things, worked with strategies for protein recovery in the production of animal feed and with providing a sustainable way for production of biofuels and bio-based chemicals.

Responding to the somewhat skeptical host, Lene Lange emphasized that solving future problems is not a question of either changing our way of living or finding ways to improve industries. Both approaches are needed:

“Something is demanded from all of us. But if we create a battleground where environmental interests are at war with industrials interests, we will not be able to solve it. We have to change and modify on all parameters,” she said.

Listen to Lene Lange guesting ‘Brinkmann’ here

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