Student Laboratory

The Hempel Student Innovation Laboratory is established with the support from the Hempel Foundation.

The idea behind the laboratory is to help meet the increasing international demand for new and useful products based on innovative thinking and development.

The laboratory is equipped with a broad range of instruments, tools, glassware and chemicals for experiments. The instruments are often supplied with USB-connections to for simple data logging to the computer.

The purpose of the laboratory is to support the students' innovative activities with facilities, which make it possible for them to: 

  • discover the world of science
  • perform individual experiments
  • and to test their own ideas

in order to realize, if they can carry a scientific and commercial development and if a patent may be necessary to protect the invention.

The use of the laboratory is open to all students at the Department of Chemical Engineering. However, in order to secure the optimal application of the facilities a special set of rules apply for the laboratory and students need a personal registration including a recommendation from a teacher in order to gain access.


Steen Larsen
DTU Chemical Engineering
+45 45 25 28 04