Do your Master's in China

Considering going abroad for your Master’s? With a double degree in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering you will get to study in the busy city of Beijing while enjoying a challenging and ambitious programme taught by highly qualified professors from both Denmark and China.

In cooperation with the Sino-Danish Center in Beijing and the Institute of Process Engineering (IPE) in China, we offer a Master of Science in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering. In a world where sustainable and environmentally acceptable production processes continue to be in high demand, this international double degree teaches you how to research and develop methods and equipment aimed at commercial and sustainable transformation of raw materials into valuable products. You will also gain the scientific and technological capabilities to help production facilities reduce pollution. 

The research-based degree is a two-year programme for ambitious and dedicated Danish, EU* and Chinese students, giving you a unique opportunity to build your international network. You will spend your study time on the Zhongguancun Campus at the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) in Beijing. In the end, you will receive a degree from both UCAS as well as from DTU – a so-called double degree.

Should you, along the way, decide that studying in China is not for you, you can easily transfer your studies to Denmark. Furthermore, it is possible to apply for just a single semester.

The Programme

The programme focuses on theoretical, experimental and practical aspects of chemical and biochemical engineering that are of relevance for product design, process design and production in chemistry, biotechnology, food, pharma and energy. 

The key elements are:

  • Process rooted in chemical and biochemical engineering
  • Cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural design and development
  • Sustainability of biomass based chemical production and fuel conversion

Career Opportunities

The Master of Science in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering gives you a solid starting point for contributing to the development of our society, bringing chemical and biochemical innovation from laboratories to useful production. As a graduate you are qualified to work in innovation-driven enterprises of any size and you will be prepared to work successfully in challenging international environments.

The intercultural programme offers great career opportunities and it could pave the way for an international consulting career or be a starting point for PhD studies.

You can also view some FAQ's about the programme.

*Danish and EU/EEA-students who at the time of application are enrolled at a full Danish Bachelor programme, a full Danish Master programme or a Danish supplementary course in connection to a Danish Bachelor or Danish professional bachelor programme are exempted from paying tuition. Students who do not fulfil the conditions above, will be required to pay tuition (about €5250 a year) to attend a SDC Master's Programme. Click for more information or contact our Programme Coordinator: E-mail:, Tel: +45 45252927.

Welcome to SDC

Take in some of the surroundings you will immerse yourself in as a Master's student at SDC.
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Hao Wu
Associate Professor
DTU Chemical Engineering
+45 45 25 29 27


Kim Dam-Johansen
Professor, Head of Department
DTU Chemical Engineering
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