Blue INNOship

DTU Chemical and Biochemical Engineering participates in the large maritime innovation project, Blue INNOship.

Blue INNOship aims to develop an innovation model for the Danish maritime industry and the partnership is an investment in the development of this strong common innovation model that will offer a central, competitive advantage for the Danish maritime industry. There are 14 projects under the Blue INNOship which are funded by the project partners, Innovation Fund Denmark, the Danish Maritime Fund and Orient's Fund.

The projects with participation from DTU Chemical and Biochemical Engineering are:

Multi fuel burners for low emissions (Project #8)

The objective is to develop a multi fuel burner capable of burning for marine applications fulfilling new environmental requirements for NOx, SOx, and particles. Participating are Alfa Laval Aalborg, Clean Combustion and DTU Chemical and Biochemical Engineering.

Reduction of methane from LNG in diesel engines (Project #9)

The aim is to be able to identify the causes of the high emissions of unburned methane and assign the best ways to reduce unburned methane in the exhaust from ship engines. Participants are MAN Diesel & Turbo, Danish Technological Institute and DTU Mechanical Engineering and DTU Chemical Engineering.

Slow Steaming Antifouling Paint (Project #12)

The objective of this project is to develop and validate new antifouling paint for slow-steaming container vessels.Participants are HEMPEL, Maersk Maritime Technology and DTU Chemical and Biochemical Engineering.

Selective Catalytic Reduction of NOx on ships (Project #13)

The goal of the project is to provide the tools, mathematical models and knowledge needed for the industrial partners to supply optimal and competitive SCR technology solutions for ships. Participants are Haldor Topsøe, Alfa Laval Aalborg, Maersk Maritime Technology and DTU Chemical and Biochemical.

For more information, please visit Blue INNOship project page.


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