External Industrial Plant Measurements

The diagnostic group at DTU Chemical Engineering have many years experience with optical measurements in laboratory and large scale units. The work covers measurements of gas composition, temperature, velocity, thermal heat tranfer by thermal radiation, particle size, etc. using advanced optical and traditional methods.

Measurements can be performed cross stack or local measurements can be obtained using fiber-optical probes. Probes diameter range from typical 12 mm to 60.3 mm, and the longest probe length is presently 9 m for mapping of large scale flames and patterns in boilers. A modular system have been developed to switch or combine different measurement principles, e.g. the same probe can be used for fast optical measurement of gas concentration, heat flux and gas temperature.

Demanding tasks requires high-end mobile equipment like fast high resolution UV and FTIR spectometers, advanced high speed IR-camara with optical filters to switch between imaging of gas components and surfaces, 2D laser Doppler anemometry (LDA), etc.