The objective of this project is to develop the MOSAIK technology, for converting sugars into valuable chemicals. A pilot-scale cold flow experimental setup, simulating a dual circulating fluidized bed, will be designed and constructed. Experiments will be performed on the setup to generate hydrodynamic data. A CFD model of the setup will be developed, which will be validated using the obtained experimental data. The CFD model will eventually be scaled up to an industrial sized unit.


Several important chemicals, such as glycolaldehyde, are produced using fossil-based resources. Haldor Topsøe has developed the MOSAIK technology to produce these chemicals in a sustainable manner, where sugar is used as the raw material. This technology has been tested in the lab-scale, and the next step towards commercializing this technology is to scale up, for which hot and cold pilot-scale setups will be built, followed by an industrial-scale unit.

The project

The cold flow experimental setup will simulate the hydrodynamic conditions in a dual circulating fluidized bed. Experimental data obtained from the setup, in the form of pressure profiles, particle velocities and particle concentrations, will help understand the hydrodynamic behaviour of the setup, and improve the design of the eventual industrial-sized unit. The data will also be used to validate a CFD model, to provide further insight into the setup.

The project is funded by Innovationsfonden and is running from 2017 October until 2021


Anker Degn Jensen
DTU Chemical Engineering
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