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22 OCT

A one week visit to China for CERE faculty

CERE Chairman, Professor Georgios M. Kontogeorgis and Associate Professor Xiaodong Liang have visited China (Beijing) in the period  October, 13-18

28 AUG

High international interest in CERE’s PhD Summer Course

High international interest in CERE’s PhD Summer Course “Advanced Course on Thermodynamic Models: Fundamentals & Computational Aspects”

12 JUL

Computers aid in quest for sustainability

Software developed in KT-Consortium contributes to improving the sustainability of products and processes in industry. Fossil raw materials substituted for waste gas CO 2 is one example of this.

Computer calculations Software and programming
27 JUN

RENESENG II Project Meeting Eindhoven June 2019

DTU has recently joined the EU project under HORIZON 2020 programme RENESENG II: Renewable Systems Engineering for Waste Valorization II

26 JUN

CERE represented at the PPEPPD conference in Vancouver

Prof. Georgios M. Kontogeorgis, Associate Prof. Xiaodong Liang and PhD students Edgar Luis Camacho Vergara and Spardha Virendra Jhamb attended the PPEPPD2019 Conference in Vancouver, Canada from 12-16 May 2019.

24 APR

Chemical engineering tools for green oils

The properties of oil produced from biological feedstock are very different from fossil-based oils. A consistent effort in the KT Consortium assists in providing the necessary methodology for bio-refining.

Bioenergy Software and programming
29 MAR

Two DTU researchers receive EUR 5 million from the ERC for independent research

Two DTU researchers have received the prestigious ERC Advanced Grants from the European Research Council.

Chemistry Physics
28 MAR

ERC Advanced Grant for innovative project on electrolyte thermodynamics research

Professor Georgios Kontogeorgis from DTU Chemical Engineering receives the ERC Advanced Grant 2018 from the European Research Council (ERC).

31 OCT

Symposium in honor of the 25th work anniversay of Dr. Antoon ten Kate

On October 12, 2018 was held in AkzoNobel 's (now called Nouryon) research center in Deventer, The Netherlands, a symposium in honor of the 25th work anniversay of Dr. Antoon ten Kate.

31 OCT

Invited lecture by Georgios Kontogeorgis

The Equifase celebrated this year its 30 years of history.   The conference took place October 22-25 2018 in Cordoba Argentina, chaired by Dr. Martin Cismondi, a many years friend of CERE.

17 SEP

Keynote talk on electrolyte thermodynamics

CERE Chairman, Professor Georgios Kontogeorgis, has recently attended the MTMS 18 conference in Japan (8th International Symposium on Molecular Thermodynamic and Molecular Simulation)

21 AUG

CERE publication published in Fluid Phase Equilibria

Improvement of the PR-CPA equation of state for modelling of acid gases solubilities in aqueous alkanolamine solutions.

12 JUN

Georgios Kontogeorgis selected for the 2018 Distinguished Lecture in Thermodynamics.

The Federation’s Working Party on Thermodynamic and Transport Properties nominated Professor Georgios Kontogeorgis for his outstanding contributions to the generation, application and dissemination of knowledge and the technical advancement of the field through industrial co-operation.

01 NOV

Professor Georgios Kontogeorgis gave an invited lecture at CBTermo 2017

Professor Georgios Kontogeorgis gave an invited lecture entitled “Equations of State in Three Centuries – Are we closer to arriving to a single model for all applications?” at the IX Brazilian Conference CBTermo 2017

23 OCT

CERE’s PhD Summer Course Still going strong

CERE’s PhD Summer Course “Advanced Course on Thermodynamic Models: Fundamentals & Computational Aspects” still going strong

09 AUG

So went the KT Consortium Annual Meeting 2017

On the 6-8th of June 2017, 54 delegates from industry and academia from around the world gathered for a three-day Annual Meeting in Elsinore north of Copenhagen. The focus of the conference was on how to ensure research and innovation go hand in hand with the future needs of society.

29 JUN

Dawn of a New Diversity

Each year, the CERE Discussion Meeting attracts a large number of both industrial and academic participants. 

20 FEB

10th World Congress of Chemical Engineering

Please be aware of the upcoming World Chemical Engineering Congress that will take place in Barcelona on 1-5 October 2017. Deadline for abstract submission is February 28th.

28 OCT

New cross-departmental consortium opens up for collaboration

The former CAPEC consortium has been reorganized into a united cross-departmental consortium called KT Consortium. Masterminds behind the consortium are Head of Department Professor Kim Dam-Johansen and Professors Rafiqul Gani and Sten Bay Jørgensen who with this strategic move will strive to take the department’s collaboration with industry...

05 OCT

New Coworker in CERE

Mark Bülow, 29 from Dortmund, Germany will be ERASMUS student in CERE for the next five month starting Monday 3 October

27 SEP

Impressions from PPEPPD 2016

The 14th PPEPPD 2016, International Conference on Properties and Phase Equilibria for Product and Process Design took place in Porto, Portugal, 22-26 May.   CERE was represented with five participants; Alay Arya, Anders Schlaikjer, Andre Vinhal, Christos Tsanas and Georgios Kontogeorgis.   With 311 participants from 36...

23 SEP

CERE and DHRTC in new collaborative ventures

As part of their goal of collaboration with their academic partners, the Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre (DHRTC) recently launched a so-called SPRINT project initiative.

18 APR

Professor Georgios Kontogeorgis visiting China

CERE Chairman, professor Georgios Kontogeorgis will be visiting Xi'an Jiaotong University, Xianyang, China

04 JAN

Sustainable energy research at DTU

The report "Sustainable energy research at DTU" summarizes many on-going DTU activities within sustainable energy.

Wind energy Geology Bioenergy Energy storage Energy production
20 NOV

MOL Group joins CERE Consortium

MOL Group is an international oil and gas company, headquartered in Budapest, Hungary. The Group is active in over 40 countries with a workforce of nearly 30,000 people and a track record of more than 100 years in the industry.

Energy Fossil fuels Energy production
10 APR

Fluid Phase Equilibria

Professor Georgios Kontogeorgis is since April 1, 2015 one of the editors of Fluid Phase Equilibria Read more

04 MAR

Georgios Kontogeorgis visited Rio, Brazil

In the period 25-28.02.2015, Professor Georgios Kontogeorgis visited Rio (Brazil) where he attended Leticia Cotia dos Santos PhD defense (25.02), visited Petrobras Research Center CenPes (26.02) and finally gave a lecture at the Federal University of Rio (27.02).

25 FEB

Leticia Cotia dos Santos successfully defended her PhD thesis entitled:

"Development of an Association Model for Calculation of Phase Equilibria of Complex Mixtures with Emphasis on Interest in Systems Natural Gas Processing "

13 JAN

SYNFERON Provides an Alternative to Wind Energy

Newly established research project, SYNFERON, aims to make biofuel conversion more efficient by developing a new technological platform.

Biotechnology and biochemistry Energy
15 DEC

Full conversion of the second generation biomass into biofuels

Establishment of a new technology platform will make the conversion of biomass and waste into liquid and gaseous biofuels far easier than today. Innovation Fund Denmark invests 17 million. kr. in the development of a technology that can ensure future efficient production of biofuels.

06 OCT

Dr. Ioannis Tsvintzelis receives a grant from Latsis Foundation

Former senior researcher at CERE, Dr. Ioannis Tsvintzelis, has recently received a grant from Latsis Foundation (in Greece) for the project : "CO 2 Capture, Transport and Storage processes: Thermodynamic Investigation of Relevant Fluid Mixtures"

02 JUL

New Head of CERE announced at the 2014 Annual Discussion Meeting

Georgios Kontogeorgis is the new Head of CERE. This was announced at the CERE Annual Discussion Meeting 2014 held on 25-27 June, at the Comwell Hotel in Snekkersten. More than 100 participants from different countries, including members from more than 30 different companies, met to network and share the latest research results.

09 JUL

CERE Discussion Meeting 2013

This year’s version of CERE’s prime event set a new record in industry participation. While thermodynamics and reservoir engineering remained in high focus, presentations within geology and geophysics also spurred vivid discussions

Physics Energy
01 JAN


Photo: Christian Ove Carlsson
01 JAN


Dr. Antoon ten Kate
01 JAN


Group photo - KT-Consortium Annual Meeting 2017. Photo: DTU Chemical Engineering
01 JAN


Nicolas von Solms. Photo: Christian Ove Carlsson
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Georgios Kontogeorgis. Photo: Christian Ove Carlsson
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