(Center for Power Generation from Renewable Energy)


The objectives of GREEN strategic research centre are to are:

• to establish the scientific basis for designing the future plant, where a broad spectrum of biomass is converted to power and heat with a high efficiency

• to facilitate the development of a new generation of plants, designed for 100% biodust combustion, by addressing the technological constraints related to biomass combustion (flame stability, deposition and corrosion, flue gas cleaning, residual product utilization

• to address the need for improving the availability and quality of biomass through a more efficient international biomass trading and use of optimized energy crops.


The following issues are addressed:

• Deposition and corrosion control

The main technical challenge in using biomass as the primary fuel, i.e. maintaining the high super-heater temperatures that are required for a high electrical efficiency without excessive deposition and corrosion, is addressed through a variety of undertakings: novel agricultural methods to improve the quality of the biomass (WP1), improved fuel characterization tools to facilitate optimized fuel mixing (WP2), improved understanding of inorganic transformations and deposit chemistry (WP4), use of additives (WP4), and use of advanced super-heater materials (WP5).

• Combustion of pulverized biomass

The current burners on the central power plants were designed for pulverized coal combustion, and 1. generation bio-dust burners have been developed based on experiences with fossil fuels. Use of biomass as the main fuel, instead of a support fuel for coal, calls for new fuel characterization tools (WP2) and burner designs (WP3).

• Emission control

Deactivation of catalysts for NOx control by alkali metal poisoning is investigated, emphasizing biomass type and particle size distribution (WP6), to lead the way for
an efficient NOx flue gas cleaning on biomass-fired boilers.

• Ash utilization

To avoid the need for storing fly ash on dumping grounds, the suitability of the biomass ash as fertilizer in agriculture is investigated, addressing the plant availability of nutrients (mainly P) in the ash, the heavy metal content, and methods for ash treatment (WP7).

The Project

The strategic research center contributes to ensure an efficient conversion of coal and gas–fired power plants to biomass and to lead the way for development of the future biomass-fired power plant with high electrical efficiency and high fuel flexibility.

The center covers technical, application and resource issues, and involves internationally renowned experts in the relevant fields allowing a multidisciplinary approach which ensures that most important aspects of 100% biomass combustion on central power plants are addressed.

The work is organized in seven scientific work packages within the partners: DTU Chemical Engineering (KT), DTU Mechanical Engineering (MEK), DTU Risø, Aarhus University (AU), Lund University (LU), Stanford University (SU), University of North Texas (UNT), HNE Eberswalde (HNEE), B&W Energy (BWE), DONG Energy Power (DEP) and Vattenfall (VF).

Danish Council for Strategic ResearchGREEN is financed by the Danish Council for Strategic Research, Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation for the period 2011 – 2015.

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