(Next generation exhaust gas cleaning technologies for diesel vehicles)


The vision of this project is to develop the following new and highly efficient exhaust cleaning technologies for heavy duty diesel vehicles:

  • An innovative combined particle filter and NOx removal unit

  • Novel non-noble metal based diesel oxidation catalysts for gaseous HC removal and NO2 generation

  • New layered catalysts reactors for excess NH3 removal



Diesel vehicles constitute a substantial part of the European and American transportation sectors, and recent emission regulations (In Europe EURO IV to VI ) have created a growing market for exhaust cleaning technologies. A move towards less costly, highly efficient and combined catalytic reactors holds a great potential in terms of performance, space savings, air quality and competitiveness.

The project

The project consists of six work packages in which the research, knowledge generation, and pilot scale testing for the final stages of commercialization will take place.
Activities include catalyst materials synthesis research and development, detailed catalyst characterisation (BET, TEM etc.), laboratory kinetic studies, engine tests of dynamic interplay between units and mathematical modelling. 

The project is in cooperation with Haldor Topsoe A/S, funded by Innovation Fund Denmark and will be running from 2013-2017.


Anker Degn Jensen
DTU Kemiteknik
45 25 28 41