CHEC Annual Day 2020

Below, you can see recorded presentations from the CHEC Research Centre within the three research areas:

  • Biomass gasification
  • Catalysis
  • High temperature processes



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Biomass gasification


Giulia Ravenni: Valorization of biomass char for bio-based products

Maria Puig Arnavat: RePlastic - Thermal recycling of plastic waste reject 


Zsuzsa Sárossy: Long-term self-heating studies of wood dust and effects of fatty and resin acid degradation on the self-heating mechanism




Akhilesh Balachandran Nair: Hydrogenation in Flow


Christian Bækhøj Schandel: Cracking of Sugars for Production of Chemicals 


Frederik Lange Zafiryadis: Hydrodynamics in circulating fluidized beds


Jakob Afzali Andersen: Plasma-catalytic ammonia decomposition using non-thermal plasma


Joachim Thrane: Highly Stable Apatite Supported Molybdenum Oxide Catalysts for Selective Oxidation of Methanol to Formaldehyde


Kasper Rode Nielsen: Novel reaction pathway for acetonitrile synthesis


High temperature processes


Bingwen Guo: Influence of particle loading on SNCR in a cyclone reactor


Giovanni Cafaggi: Spray combustion in auxiliary marine boilers


Hamid Hashemi: Modeling Potassium Capture by Aluminosilicate


Hao Luo: CFD modelling of a wood stove with focus on soot formation


Isabel Pol Segura: Optimization of geopolymer cement technology


Lauge Thorsen: Evaluation of global n-heptane mechanism and integration with DTU Chem Eng small hydrocarbon model


Liyan Zhao: Agglomeration in Fluidized Bed Gasification of Wheat Straw 


Margherita Dotti: CFD modeling of ash deposit formation in waste boilers


Mattia Turchi: How to bake stone wool fibers with MD and DFT computer simulations


Mohammadhadi Nakhaei: NO emission from cement calciners firing coal and petcoke: a CPFD study

Peter Arendt Jensen: The ProBu project – Research collaboration FLSmidt, ROCKWOOL and CHEC


Xiaozan Wang: Particle deposition in high temperature processes