(Entangled Polymer Melts in Extensional Flow)


The present project will have the capability of synthesizing model polymer systems of precisely known molecular architecture, to subject the materials to controlled extensional flows and to measure the molecular deformation under the controlled flow situation.
The purpose of this project is to gain further insight into the physics of strong elongational flows by application of SANS to understand the dynamics in stretched polymer melts..


Even for known molecular architecture, our understanding of the dynamics and stability of liquid bridges is still limited, basically we don´t have sufficient generic knowledge about the process in which macromolecular fluid filaments are extended and stretched and how the extensional properties are related to the molecular constitution.

The project

EPMEF will work in 3 main areas:

1: Model polymer synthesis.
2: Rheological measurements (both extensional and shear flow).
3: Chain structure measurements by Small angle neutron scattering (SANS)to measure the molecular stretching in PS melts undergoing steady elongational flows at large stretch rates.

The project is funded by 1/3 by the Danish Council for Independent Research - Natural Sciences (Det Frie Faskningsråd / Natur od Univers)(FNU) under EPMEF on Grant 0602-02179B , 1/3 by Kemiteknik (Technical University of Denmark) and 1/3 by Danish Polymer Centre (DPC) co-financing. The project is running from April, 2013 to March, 2016 .


Ole Hassager
Professor Emeritus
DTU Kemiteknik
45 25 29 73