Screening Platform

Technology platform for fast and efficient screening of functionalized polymer surfaces. The objective of this project is to develop a novel modular method for screening and characterization of functionalized polymer films and surfaces, and apply it to the technologically highly important field of antifouling surfaces.

The efficiency of the method will be illustrated through investigation of the antifouling properties of a wide range of new types of antifouling surface chemistries applied to a range of industrially important polymer materials in commercially important formats, i.e both as injection molded sheets and as extruded foils. The resulting optimized types of antifouling surface chemistries will in their own right be important for a range of biomedical applications such as implants, drug packaging, and biosensors.

During the spring 2012 Christian Hoffmann will participate in the project as a visiting bachelor student. During his stay in our group he will be performing a project on surface grafting of polymers entitled "Functionalization of Polymer Surfaces". It is one of the objectives that his project will illustrate the potential in the screening method. The project is funded by the Danish Council for Independent Research, Technology and Production Sciences (Grant no. 11-105986. As part of the project the following disseminations have taken place:

  • May 2012, Oral presentation: A.E. Daugaard, J.U. Lind, T.S. Hansen, T.L. Andresen, N.B. Larsen, S. Hvilsted; "A Versatile Toolbox for Preparation of Functional Conductive Polymers" was given at the Nordic Polymer Days in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • May 2012: Poster presentation: C. Hoffmann and A.E. Daugaard; "Functionalization of PEDOT by Click Chemistry and ATRP" was presented at the Nordic Polymer Days in Copenhagen, Denmark.


The project was completed in 2014.





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