Aage and Johanne Louis-Hansen Endowment

DPC has been granted a generous donation by the Aage and Johanne Louis-Hansens Endowment for Technical Research.

The purpose of the donation is to maintain and develop the current high academic level of the Master and PhD programmes in DPC so the centre will be able to continue its education of polymer-engineers in the future. The Danish plastics industry turns over approximately 50 billion DKK a year and therefore has a great significance for the Danish economy and Danish jobs. Thus, the industry needs the best engineers it can get in order to be able to compete with the rest of the world, why it is necessary to invest in the quality of the education continuously. That is the main argument for granting DPC the donation.

PhD Students

In the late summer 2014 Christian Hoffmann and Sara Lindeblad Wingstrand started theirs PhD project in connection with the grant. Please find more information about the two student's research below.

Christian Hoffman
Click below to know more about Christian Hoffmann's research.
Sara Lindeblad Wingstrand
Click below to know more about Sara Lindeblad Wingstrand's research.


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