Study on self-hearing and high-permitivily silicone elastomer/keratin composite materials


To explore the inclusion of keratin fibres into silicone elastomer with the aim of preparing self-healing and bio-compatible dielectric elastomers resembling artificial muscles.


Considerable interests have been devoted to dielectric elastomers, since they have the ability to mimic human muscles. However, current materials for dielectric elastomers lack the ability to self-heal. Keratin, with a lot of inter- and intramolecular, strong hydrogen bonds and disulfide bonds which could serve as crosslinking sites, is commonly used in the field of biomaterials. Therefore it is believed that the inclusion of keratin into silicone elastomers can solve the current issues.

The project

The aims of this work are to use COSMO-RS to screen potential ILs for their ability to dissolve keratin. Based on the results,self-healing and high-permittivity silicone dielectric elastomer with keratin as a filler will be created. The resulting composite materials will be thoroughly investigated chemically, electrically and mechanically. The potential applications of elastomers in artificial muscles will be evaluated by analysing cytotoxicity, cell adhesion and proliferation.

The project is funded by Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Technical University of Denmark and Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The project will be running from 2017-2020.


Prof. A.Ladegaard Skov
Suojiang Zhang
Yi Nie


Xue Liu
DTU Kemiteknik


Anne Ladegaard Skov
DTU Kemiteknik
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