(Diagnostics, Monitoring and Mitigation of N20 (Laughing Gas) Emissions from Wastewater Treatment Operations)


The goal of LaGas is to untangle the mystery behind the biological production and consumption of N2O (laughing gas) by understanding the mechanisms and factors that control N2O production and emission during wastewater treatment operations. This will be linked to intensive off-gas and liquid measurements of N2O.


N2O is a greenhouse gas 300 times stronger than CO2 and a dominant ozone destroying chemical. Biological processes - the same that are essential for removing polluting reactive nitrogen from wastewaters - are potential sources of N2O.

The Project

The specific objectives of the project are embodied in 6 interlinked work packages (see the figure above):

• WP1. Develop and implement a whole-plant quantification tool to measure and estimate GHG emissions

• WP2. Quantify N2O production and emission at reactor-scale from conventional and innovative mainstream and side-stream N removal technologies.

• WP3. Identify and quantify biological mechanisms of N2O production and consumption

• WP4. Build and validate mechanistic process models for N2O dynamics

• WP5. Integrate process models in plant wide models, and develop and benchmark operation/control scenarios to mitigate GHG emission.

• WP6. Verify inferred N2O mitigation scenarios by experimental testing at full-scale.

For more information please visit the LaGas project website


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