(Crystallization Process Intensification for Pharmaceutical Production)


ProPharm project is funded by Danish Council for Independent Researcher with the aim of developing predictive models and experimental validation strategies in order to intensify pharmaceutical production. The project focuses on various downstream purification methods for pharmaceutical production with the main interest of optimization of industrial crystallization.


Among various purification unit operations in pharmaceutical industries, crystallization process is used as a key operation in more than 90% of pharmaceutical products. Obtaining crystal products with a desired properties like crystal size distribution (CSD) is of valuable for process intensification as it affects the yield in downstream operations for recovery of crystals by filtration, washing as well as drying. To date, considerable efforts have been put to model crystallization process however still remains challenging to predict and control crystal properties.

The Project

In this project, the research methodology is formulated based on the following rationale i) identifying process development needs most relevant to the Nordic bio- and pharmaceuticals industries ii) defining the knowledge gap which needs to be filled to enable these developments, iii) tackling these knowledge gaps through systems engineering as integrating principle for experimentation, modeling and optimization, control, monitoring and risk assessment iv) applying the enabling technologies to the selected processes, disseminate and transfer the general results to the stakeholders in industrial sector and research community. The expected outcome includes: (1) predictive models for crystallization including multi-scale modeling and thermodynamics, (2) advanced experimentation and strategies to generate data for improved process analysis as well as model validation, and (3) model-based screening tools for efficient screening of solvents/anti-solvents for early stage process development among others.
ProPharm is a collaboration project between Technical University of Denmark (DTU) which is the coordinator, University of Southern Denmark (SDU), Lundbeck and LeoPharma, which brings together complementary and synergistic multi-disciplinary set of skills and competences to realize the project.

Project duration: from August-2016 to September-2019  


Gürkan Sin
DTU Kemiteknik
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