Ph.d.-forsvar - Xue Liu

“Silicone-based dielectric elastomers with high permittivity ionic liquid loading”


The defence will, because of the current situation, be held online via Microsoft Teams. If you, as external person and not part of the defense team, want to follow the defense, please send an email to Miriam Nørsøller,, no later than 25 January.


Principal supervisor:

Professor Anne Ladegaard Skov, DTU Chemical Engineering


Professor Suojiang Zhang, IPE, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Professor Yi Nie, IPE, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China


Professor Nicolas von Solms (chairman), DTU Chemical Engineering
Associate Professor Edwin Willem Harm Jager, Linköping University, Sweden
Associate Professor Ingrid Maria Graz, Johannes Kepler University, Austria

Chairperson at defense: 

Senior Researcher Peter Jeppe Madsen, DTU Chemical Engineering


An electronic copy of the thesis can be requested from the department


tir 26 jan 21
13:00 - 16:00


DTU Kemiteknik