Departmental seminar by Technical Manager Dr. Claus Erik Weinell

“Fouling Control Systems - CoaST contribution to new developments”



Technical Manager Dr. Claus Erik Weinell, Coating Science and Technology Center, CoaST,

Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, DTU


On Octoer 22, Dr. Claus Erik Weinell, will give a seminar on “Fouling Control Systems - CoaST contribution to new developments” 

The seminar will be online and you will receive a link closer to the event.

Abstract: Biofouling has always caused the shipping industry and other offshore installations problems requiring extensive efforts in order to reduce its impact. Some of the disadvantages of marine biofouling have been recognized and combated for more than 2000 years. Early Phoenicians and Carthaginians were said to have used pitch and possibly copper sheathing on ship’s bottoms while wax, tar and asphalt were used by other ancient cultures. Today, the control of adhesion of marine organisms is still an economically and ecologically relevant and challenging problem, and typical modern fouling control systems rely on either controlled release of copper ions and organic booster biocides or biocide free fouling release coatings based on non-stick surfaces. The marine coating industry is still under pressure to develop novel eco-friendly coatings to meet the demands from government regulators, customers and NGO’s.
Fundamental understanding of the working mechanisms combined with quick and reliable testing is crucial for the development of new or modified anti-fouling and fouling-release coatings. Exposure of these coatings to natural multispecies communities is essential in evaluation of their effectiveness.
This presentation will focus on fouling control systems and how CoaST at the Department of Chemical Engineering contributes to the new developments.

Claus Erik Weinell graduated as chemical engineer in 1989 from the Department of Chemical Engineering, DTU and he took his PhD degree right after. He has about 21 years’ experience with heavy duty coating systems mainly working with the Danish paint manufacturer Hempel that he joined in 1998. He started with R&D and later on moved to technical consultancy, quality control in surface preparation and complaint handling. From 2015 to 2017, he worked as third party consultant and team leader in surface preparation and paint application with Force Technology. In March 2017, he took the position as Technical Manager in the Coating Science and Technology Center, CoaST at the Department of Chemical Engineering, DTU.

 Participation is open to all interested people.



tor 22 okt 20
14:00 - 15:00




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