Georgios Kontogeorgis

New IUPAC initiative for good reporting practices of property measurements

mandag 26 apr 21


Georgios Kontogeorgis
DTU Kemiteknik
45 25 28 59
Several high-profile academics, many of them invited to the CERE Discussion Meetings along the years, together with Prof. Georgios M. Kontogeorgis participated in a recently completed IUPAC project, under NIST leadership, which has published useful guidelines for good experimental practice for thermodynamic measurements.

The measured property data has a high value for the scientific community both from academia and industry. Incomplete and inaccurate reporting often hampers their utilization, this being a long time ago identified problem. Therefore, the availability of Good Reporting Practices is essential of utmost importance.

The report aim is to lead to improved experimental data quality, reproducibility, and usefulness which will have a positive impact on the consistency of results, and research efficiency and impact. A series of 9 principles addressing different issues such as data format, traceability, uncertainty and others are presented.

The paper presents a series of Good Research Practice elements addressing experiments planning, methodology and validation.

The paper is Golden Open Access (OA) and can be accessed here or via the CERE consortium members website.


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