Maersk makes movie about BioRec project

tirsdag 19 aug 14


Alexander Shapiro
DTU Kemiteknik
45 25 28 81


BioRec is Biotechnology in oilproduction. A joint project between Maersk Oil and Gas, DONG E&P, Novozymes, DTI, RUC, InnovationsFonden, and DTU and was founded in 2011.

Maersk is producing a movie series on how they support and contribute to the Danish society in different ways.

One of the stories is about the CERE-project called BioRec. The idea of the movie is to show how complex oil recovery really is. To explain the project in as simple terms as possible, Alexander Shapiro, Amalia Halim, Geoffrey Marchal and Sidsel Nielsen are challenged to present their work in 10 seconds, using no fancy words and without the opportunity to prepare their speech before going on camera. The result of this will be shown in the movie, which you will have to wait a bit for, as it is expected to be out in three months´ time. We will of course be sure to share it here, as soon as possible.  

Read more about the BioRec project

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