Isaac Løge New Chairman of the Copenhagen SPE Student Chapter

Isaac Løge, new Chairman of the Copenhagen SPE Student Chapter

lørdag 20 feb 21


Isaac Appelqvist Løge
DTU Kemiteknik
53 14 13 99
Isaac Appelquist is the new Chairman of the Copenhagen SPE student chapter and sees his mission as spreading awareness towards the interlinkage between the SPE and the sustainable transition of the society.

Isaac admits that coming from a background of communicating sustainability to youth and fighting to bring the green agenda, he was initially very skeptical towards the role of oil and gas in society.


However,  during his Ph.D. related to subsurface well integrity, his point of view got more nuance. Therefore, through his current presidency, Isaac is determined to communicate the role of SPE in a future society to a broader young audience.


Isaac is doing his Ph.D. study Center for Energy Ressources Engineering at the department of Chemical Engineering at DTU and in collaboration with the Centre for Oil and Gas, also DTU.


His research field is the precipitation of inorganic crystals on surfaces, such as wells and pipelines. By increasing the overall knowledge in this field, scaling prediction models can be improved and resulting in more sustainable production.

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