CERE Discussion Meeting Plenary Session. Photo: Christian Ove Carlsson

Another exciting and well-attended CERE Discussion Meeting in historic Elsinore

torsdag 07 jul 16
Most industry representatives were from the oil & gas sector, but four companies from other industry sectors were also present. Thus, there was ample opportunity to obtain input from the industry on a variety of topics. 

The CERE Discussion Meeting is usually very well attended by both industrial and academic participants and this year was no exception with close to 100 participants, of which 24 represented companies in the industry Consortium, and five were from academic institutions outside CERE. 

Both academic and industrial presentations on EOR received strong attention at the Discussion meeting. Solutions investigated by several of the companies which are member of the CERE industry Consortium, and by the Danish Hydrocarbon Research & Technology Centre include: microbial EOR, chemical EOR, enzymatic EOR, and “Smart Water”, meaning flooding with water of a particular and known composition.

CERE is active in research on all of these potential techniques, often in cooperation with the industry and the Danish Hydrocarbon Research & Technology Centre.

Read industry comments and reactions here 

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