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Impressions from participants in the course - On-line Thermodynamic Models Course 2020

fredag 25 sep 20


Wei Yan
DTU Kemi
45 25 23 79
The course was given by Wei Yan with assistance from more faculty of CERE and some of CERE PhD students for the exercises.

“I attended the advanced online course on thermodynamic models as a relative newcomer to the field, but very interested to learn more, after working on projects supporting operations at LNG plants.

The course was very impressive, covering computational methods in great detail, while also giving a good overview of the different types of model in use for a wide range of different applications- I feel like I learned a great deal over the 2 weeks.

The practical sessions also gave us experience of implementing numerical solution methods ourselves, which I found to be extremely valuable.

Wei Yan and the other lecturers did an excellent job of adapting the course for online delivery: I found that having access to the lecture videos allowed me to take the material at a speed that was right for me, and the presenters were always ready to answer any questions that we had.

I’m now looking forward to being able to apply the things I learned to projects within Shell, and to continue to explore the topic- thanks again!”
Matthew Jones, Shell


“I really appreciate having a lot of time for the exercises and having the lectures as prerecorded videos was nice as it made it possible to re-watch specific sections if one did not catch the main point in the first go, and it was possible to go back to previous lectures.

One possible improvement on the videos could be to have closed captions for the videos as sometimes the audio or background noises may affect the clarity. It was my main impression that the discussion sessions were of more interest to the external participants rather than the internal, as the internal may focus mainly on the exercises.

But having them as a supplement to the main text was a nice change of pace at times. And finally, and now I will get very specific but maybe an idea for a future  update of the textbook. It would be much appreciated if the text had some examples in pseudo code of simple implementation of the methods mentioned, as much time might be spent on reinventing the wheel rather than focus on the meaning of the results obtained.

All in all a very informative course, and the online format definitely has a number of advantages with respect to outreach and makes it great for home revision of the topics of the day”
.  Carsten Fritzner Frøstrup, CERE

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