Doi Lectures on Soft Matter Physics

Doi Lectures on Soft Matter Physics

fredag 10 jan 14


Ole Hassager
Professor Emeritus
DTU Kemiteknik
45 25 29 73
Unique course on the principles of soft matter physics given in the DTU spring semester 2014 by Otto Mønsted visiting professor, Masao Doi.

The lectures will be based on his recent textbook ”Soft Matter Physics”, Oxford University Press (2013).

Soft matter includes various materials, polymers, colloids, surfactants etc. They are not like usual liquids nor usual solids: it is something in between. Although their behaviors are complex, they can be understood in terms of physics. The purpose of this lecture series is to discuss such general principles (the principles in thermodynamics and irreversible thermodynamics) which are useful in understanding the complex behavior of soft matter.

Registration: The lectures are open to MSc students, PhD students and other interested persons. Registration and sign up by email to with copy to

Points: 5 ECTS. Preliminary lecture plan 2014

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