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08 JUL

Building valuable relations

23-year-old Niels Carstens loves to experience new cultures and make friends wherever he goes, so he is relishing going to Beijing in the autumn to study a semester of...

04 MAR

Nyt legat letter vejen til værdifulde erfaringer i Kina

Danske studerende med mod på kinesisk kemiteknik har nu mulighed for at tage op til 10.000 ekstra kroner med sig til kandidatuddannelsen "Chemical and Biochemical Engineering...

16 JUL

SDC students visit potential future employers

This week sixteen SDC-students from Chemical & Biochemical Engineering(CBE) visited Danish catalyst company Haldor Topsøe in Lyngby north of Copenhagen. Here they got the...

06 JUL

A summer visit from China– Sino-Danish Center challenged the Greens

The shirts were mostly blue but the day was otherwise cloaked in a different color as not only the summer trees outside contributed to make DTU green last Friday.Hundreds...

03 MAR

"I was surprised by the great opportunities to create supportive teaching"

”I can offer the students a much better service and a higher presence compared to my teaching in Denmark. It is unique what the SDC students are offered.” (The article...

01 NOV

The Best Experience a PhD Student Can Wish for

The above statement was uttered by PhD student Aydin Golabgir-Anbarani in the bus from Sorø Science Centre to DTU Sustain in Hørsholm. Aydin and 19 other young biotech...

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