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Research Seminar: Collaboration with the industry remains strong

Wednesday 29 Nov 17
by Lonnie Moldt Jørgensen


Krist V. Gernaey
DTU Chemical Engineering
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Ideas are brewing, new methods are tested, results are created. At the PROSYS Research Seminar 2017, it was once again emphasized that collaboration between industry and DTU remains strong.

Building on the success of the first Research Seminar last year, PROSYS research centre at DTU Chemical Engineering invited their industrial partners to share the latest developments and highlights from their research activities. Present at the seminar were some of Denmark's largest industrial companies, including Alfa Laval and Novozymes. Per Munk Nielsen, Senior Science Manager at Oils & Fats R&D in Novozymes, emphasized the importance of attending the research seminar.

“I am here today to keep in touch with DTU and meet new people. And it is a great way to get new inspiration within my field. I have heard many interesting things already, which I am keen to follow up on. Of course there are presentations outside my field of expertise and work, but that does not mean one still cannot get new ideas,” Per Munk Nielsen says.

Think outside the box

Novozymes and DTU have a long tradition of collaboration. The opportunity of innovative ideas and finding new applications has been of great benefit to Novozymes according to Per Munk Nielsen, who is working with development of applications of industrial enzymes and new processes in especially fats and oils.

"For example, back in 2008, we started a project in collaboration with John Woodley on enzymatic biodiesel. Now the process is implemented in industry. That has been very exciting. Typically, we select some areas for master thesis collaborations that are a bit in the periphery of the projects we are concentrating on at the moment. For example, we may have an idea for a new application. We then get the clarifying work done quicker and thorough. We get some research done, with the opportunity to think out of the box – that is very useful.”

Today's research seminar was a mix of scientific presentations, posting sessions and networking opportunities. It was clear from the event that the mutual collaboration between DTU and the industry remains strong and the recipe for a sound collaboration consists in mutual gains.

"What is most important for a good collaboration is creating good results and that both parties benefit from the collaboration. We get some research done, and DTU gets to publish articles as well as relevant projects to work with, which can be utilized in industry. We are very pleased with the collaboration," concludes Per Munk Nielsen, who looks forward to new and exciting collaborations with DTU.

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