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Cooperation with DTU Chemical Engineering

DTU Chemical and Biochemical Engineering has a close and mutually binding cooperation with a large part of the Danish industry, with research-based international companies and acknowledged universities around the globe all working within chemistry, biotech, pharma, foods and energy.

Our cooperation with industry includes i.e. business consortiums that follow our research on a general level, specific projects and large strategic cooperation that run over many years. Most often, the cooperation concerns research and development projects about theoretical work and experiments in small laboratory systems, in pilot plants or ranging to implementation of results into full scale.

Many of our research centres have business consortia connected to their specific area and we also have a cross-departmental consortium called KT Consortium. You’re always very welcome to contact our Head of Department and Centre Leaders if you would like to know more about cooperation opportunities.

Alumni network

At DTU Chemical and Biochemical Engineering we see the importance in preserving a strong network of our previous students and collaborative partners. As alumni you get access many events at DTU, where you for instance get an opportunity to meet other previous students.

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Keep your knowledge up-to-date

Are you - after your finishing your engineering degree - still curious about what’s going on the world of chemical engineering and you would you like to know more about the newest research from Danish and international scientists, then you’re always welcome to visit one of our free Departmental Seminars. Keep up with coming seminars by checking our calendar or by contacting our department for more information.

In addition to this, our department also runs different continuing education programmes targeted several industries or tailored specifically to your company. Read more about our continuing education programmes.

Guest researcher

DTU offers our international guest researchers and guest PhD students assistance with administrative, practical, and cultural issues before and after arrival. Please use the online guest registration form if you are going to visit DTU for at least 14 days.

DTU Alumni

Membership is free of charge, but conditioned to completion of a BEng, BSc, MSc, PhD or a Master/MBA from DTU, DTH, DIA or IHK.

Keep your knowledge up-to-date

Departmental Seminars

We organize a series of seminars where renowned scientists from around the world present their work on different topics in the area of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering. The lectures are free and last around 1 hour.

For more information, please contact Associate Professor Ioannis V. Skiadas


Kim Dam-Johansen
Professor, Head of Department
DTU Chemical Engineering
+45 45 25 28 45