About us 

The mission of BioEng is to conduct research that provides new knowledge, new enzymes, and new innovative process strategies for resource utilization, industrial bioconversion processes, and new products supporting a sustainable development. The centre is also dedicated to hatching top-qualified MSc and PhD candidates through research-based teaching and structured supervision.

Our research

Enzyme technology is the core research discipline of BioEng. Our research also involves sustainability assessment and separation technology research in the context of bioenergy and biorefinery processes.The research is structured into 5 core disciplinary topics:


Our history

The research centre BioEng was established in 2004 and then merged together with the Bioenergy Group, Risø National Laboratory of Renewable Energy in 2012.

Contact us

We are always interested in discussing collaborative research opportunities, please contact Head of Centre, Anne Meyer.


Anne S. Meyer
DTU Chemical Engineering
+45 45 25 29 09