The Hempel Foundation Coatings Science and Technology Center


Coatings for a better future

The Hempel Foundation Coatings Science and Technology Center (CoaST) is established at the Technical University of Denmark as per January 1st 2017. The center covers coating technologies from raw materials, over formulation, test and characterization to production and application. In the broad perspective, the center will support development, production and use of coatings with improved sustainability profiles over the lifetime of the coating.


  • Develop new and improved methods and technologies for the formulation, testing, characterization, production and application of coatings with improved sustainability profiles.
  • Establish a strong research, Innovation and education environment at DTU supported by an extended global network to leading research and development groups.
  • Establish a platform for cooperation among stakeholders of coating technologies, i.e. universities, raw material suppliers, formulators, producers, applicators and/or end users.
  • Attract and train students, engineers and researchers to the field of coatings.


  • CoaST is a leading center for research, innovation and education in sustainable coatings technology.



Hempel-DTU prize

Every year, the Hempel Foundation and DTU awards two high schools that have shown excellence in engaging its students in science. Here are the winners so far:


*Holstebro Tekniske Gymnasium

*Egaa Gymnasium


*Rybners Gymnasium


*Odense Tekniske Gymnasium

*Borupgaard Gymnasium


*Ribe katedralskole

*Bagsværd Kostskole og Gymnasium

Special prizes: *Egaa Gymnasium and *Espergærde Gymnasium




Kim Dam-Johansen
Professor, Head of Department
DTU Chemical Engineering
+45 45 25 28 45


Søren Kiil
Associate Professor
DTU Chemical Engineering
+45 45 25 28 27


Claus Erik Weinell
DTU Chemical Engineering
+45 93 51 15 32