Dr.techn. Anne Ladegaard Skov, DTU Chemical Engineering

Anne Ladegaard Skov fra DTU Kemiteknik er blandt tre fremragende forskere, der i det forløbne år har opnået anerkendelse for at have bragt videnskaben et væsentligt skridt videre. Ved DTU´s Årsfest 2017 modtog hun den officielle tildeling af den klassiske doktorgrad (Dr.techn.) for afhandlingen: ’Silicone-based Dielectric Elastomers’. Her kan du høre, hvordan den ene af hendes to opponenter: Andreas Köllnberger, der er Global Segment Development Engineering Silicones hos Wacker Chemie i Tyskland, vurderer hendes forskning og resultater.

Silicone-based Dielectric Elastomers

Dr. Tech Defence by Anne Ladegaard Skov


At the Danish Polymer Centre (DPC) we play an internationally leading role in the research of extensional rheology, silicone elastomers and synthesis of polymers.

About us 

Our primary objective is to develop, implement and apply polymers in commercial products to assist and provide support for the Danish as well as international polymer industry through the following activities:

  • Measuring and modelling rheology of polymer melts
  • Synthesizing polymers with specific functions to allow add-on features
  • Synthesizing elastomers with novel functions
  • Characterizing polymer based materials

Our research

To give you an insight into our many areas of research, here is a selection of some of the projects we are currently researching:

  • Elastomers – looking for self-healing concept with emphasis on dielectric utilization
  • Bimodal elastomers – looking for new product possibilities
  • Correlation between fiber strength and molecular orientation in extensional flow
  • Photo-deformable polymer films from block copolymers
  • Combination of rheology and Small Angle Neutron Scattering
  • Supramolecular assembly of polymeric structures

Our history

We were founded in 2000 as a strategic research collaboration between researchers at Departments of Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering at DTU and the Polymer Group of Risø National Laboratory.

Contact us

We are always interested in discussing new opportunities for future research collaborations, so please feel free to contact Head of DPC, Professor Anne Ladegaard Skov. 

Participation is open to everyone and if you are interested in giving a presentation or would like to recommend someone to be invited to give a seminar, please contact Ole Hassager ( email: oh@kt.dtu.dk).

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