Departmental seminar by Zhiguo Yuan AM

“Enhancing Biogas Production and Applications in Water Resource Recovery Facilities”



Professor Zhiguo Yuan AM from the Advanced Water Management Centre, The University of Queensland


On September 5, Professor Zhiguo Yuan AM from the University of Queensland will give a seminar on “Enhancing Biogas Production and Applications in Water Resource Recovery Facilities”

About Prof. Zhiguo Yuan Am :

Prof Zhiguo Yuan AM is the Director of the Advanced Water Management Centre at The University of Queensland, a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE) and an IWA Distinguished Fellow.

His research focuses on development of innovative solutions for urban water management through effective integration of fundamental science and applied engineering. His research areas include corrosion and odour management in sewers, resource recovery from wastewater and integrated urban water management. He has to date published about 400 fully refereed journal papers including papers in Nature and Science, which have to date attracted over 17,000/23,000 citations, giving an h-index of 71/85 (Scopus/Google Scholar). He is the founder of three biotechnology businesses namely SeweX, Cloevis and Lodomat. His research has delivered documented savings of over $400 million to the Australian water industry.

There is currently an on-going paradigm shift in wastewater management from pollutant removal to resource recovery. One of the resources that is recovered from wastewater is biogas. In this presentation, I will present some of the latest research outcomes at the Advanced Water Management Centre (AWMC) aimed at enhancing biogas production from wastewater, and at producing value-adding liquid chemicals from biogas.
A novel process has been developed recently at the AWMC that not only improves the biodegradability of activated sludge, thus enhancing the biogas yield, but also reduces the carbon demand for biological nitrogen removal thus making more carbon available for biogas production. The above is achieved through the treatment of activated sludge using free nitrous acid, which is itself a renewable material in wastewater. This presentation will cover the principle and performance of this innovative process.
At present, the application of biogas is limited to its conversion to consumable energy in the form of electricity and/or heat, which are low-value products. We are currently exploring the possibility to convert biogas into liquid chemicals using microbial processes, with promising results. In comparison to chemical engineering processes for methane conversion to liquid chemicals, microbial processes incur much less capital and operational costs, and are thus more suitable particularly for small methane sources such as biogas from water resource recovery facilities. This presentation will cover the progress we have made so far in this fascinating area of research.

 Participation is open to all interested people.



tor 05 sep 19
14:00 - 15:00


DTU Kemiteknik



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DTU Chemical Engineering
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