At the Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering our research is built on the technological core subjects and engineering scientific disciplines.

Our research covers separation processes, reaction engineering, dynamics and process regulations, process and facility planning, unit operations, heat transmission, fluid mechanics and applied thermodynamics.

We work closely with industry to obtain research results that are applicable to industry and society. Within our research centres we carry out a wide range of specialized chemical and biochemical engineering research through field experiments, experiments in lab scale, pilot facilities and in industrial scale.

Our main activities are in the areas of product design, process design and production in the chemical, biotechnological, pharmaceutical, food – and energy technological industries.

We research in

  • Polymer materials
  • Heterogeneous catalysis
  • Enzyme technology
  • Bioprocess - and industrial fermentation technology
  • Emission control
  • Combustion and high-temperature processes
  • Oil - and gas technology
  • Product design and computer-based process design
  • Energy and environment
  • Coatings


Kim Dam-Johansen

Kim Dam-Johansen Professor, Head of Department Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Phone: +45 45252845